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Cottage Charm Giveaway

Update: We have extended the cut off time to 10:00pm tonight! Thanks to all the those who have signed up so far!

We are joining the Cottage Charm Give Away Day at One Woman's Cottage Life . You can fill out the form below this post, being sure to use a valid email address and you will be entered to win a copy of our special colorized edition of the Clabber Girl vintage cookbook [circa 1937] in e-book form.

Just some of the recipes in the booklet include

* Butterscotch Pecan Rolls
* Quick Cinnamon Rolls
* Clabber Girl Nut Bread
* Peanut Butter Bread
* Vanilla Nut Ice Box Cookies
* And Much More!

Drawing will take place on May 26, 2007 so the deadline for your submission will be 12:00pm10:00pm May 25, 2007 Eastern Time Zone. One random winner will be selected on May 26, 2007 and will be announced here at 3:00pm Eastern Time Zone. The winner will then receive a link to the book via email.

[If you entered this site through the main page and do not see a form, just click on the above title and you will taken to the page where the form is. Thanks!]

Comments (66)

This is awesome! I'll be adding the cottage charm giveaway on my website, too!

Annie Bidia:

Count me in...so cute!

Cookbook sounds yummy! I will be doing a drawing too as soon as I get my prize together I will post it.

What an excellent prize - hope you don't mind if I borrow the concept. I have many of my grandmother's old cookbooks like these and should definitely scan them! Thanks for participating.

Hello I have just found your website through Cottage Charm. What a lovely and neat site you all have.


You know I had to sign up for this old cookbook (we are kindred spirits, I know!)...Thanks for signing up...I hope to have mine ready in the next few days so check in later and put in your name:)


Leigh Babcock:

Thanks for including me in the giveaway.
Great blog!
Leigh Ann

I can always use more great recipes! Sign me up,please. :)

Carol S. Ryan:

Please enter me!The recipes sound great.Carol



thank you!

Wow, Great blog, please sign me up. Thank you


What a splendid idea!

Please add me to your giveaway..

This loooks great, and I love to bake...wish me luck!!


Oh my goodness I want this book!!!!! Thank you for the contest and entering me!

I would LOVE to enter your giveaway!!
Peggy over at home made simplicity

I am so excited to be included in your fun give away!
Please enter my name!
I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Stop by for a visit!

Blessings, Dolly


Thanks for adding me to your cute givaway :)


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and I am so glad you entered the drawing! =) Ive enjoyed perusing your sites as well!

I'd love to be added for the drawing! I am a first time visitor, but will be bookmarking your site.

Dawn Bond:

This looks to be a lovely addition to my collection.

Vintage cookbooks is a new obsession of mine!
Please sign me up! Thanks!
This is so fun!

I adore vintage cookbooks! Please enter my name. Thank you for the giveaway chance to win. *Risa

Please enter me!!!!


first time on the site.how nice it is .

Yes, please include me in your draw.

Please sign me up and stop by my blog and enter to win my prizes.

Hi! I'd love to enter the draw for this fabulous e-book! Please also feel free to enter my giveaway but it's ending in less than 24 hours so be quick!


What a neat prize! Please enter my name.
I have an old tin with the Clabber Girl label on it. :-)



You are The Best!!!

Unbelievable prize ! what a great idea. Please sign me up - i shall have a giveaway too.

Hi there! I just found your blog today and what a neat giveaway you are running! Please enter me as well...Love & Blessings!
Allison @ Simple Christian Living

Amy Leach:

You can never have too many cookbooks! Thank you for the chance to win this one.

I'm joining in too. What a nice thing she is doing to link them all.

Please enter me in yours!


Thats a great cookbook. Sign me up!

lorraine rose:

oh, this is such a great giveaway! so much fun! I feel lucky!


Please include me. I love old cookbooks and vintage items.

Susan Mosher:

Please add my name. I love old cookbooks!Ty!

I would love to be included in your give-away. Thank you.

Please stop by and sign up for mine.
Have a good day,


Such a wonderful giveaway!! I love to bake and am always happiest when trying out new recipes:-) Please enter my name in your draw! xo



Thanks so much! Heather

Would LOVE to be included in your give-away!

Please count me in, Thank you!

What an awesome giveaway, please include me in the draw.


Oh My, I collect cookbooks so I really want to win. What a wonderful book to add to my collection. I won't tell you how many because I'm afraid to count them..

Love cookbooks. count me in please.


How sweet of you to participate!
The book looks wonderful.

Kristen Hardy:

Looks fantastic!! WOW!!! Please add me to your give-away!! Thanks!!

I would love to be entered into your drawing! I'm so happy I found your blog --- it's very nice.

Enjoy a lovely day!

Hi there! Thank you for coming to my blog and signing up for my giveaway! I'm so glad I came over here to visit--your blog is awesome! I love it! I'm going to add you to my blogroll right now! Best. ~A :-)

Thanks for popping by my blog! Your blog is gorgeous and so very interesting. I'll be back to read more. Please enter me in your drawing! Thank you ever so much. xoxo

Ummmmm....I LOVE to eat, I LOVE to cook! Count me in! Thanks!

Please enter me in your drawing. What fun! I would love for you to visit my site, too! Hugs, Patti

please sign me up.


Thank you again for all your comments & thoughts! Im so glad you all have signed up for the cookbook. I look forward to being able to announce the winner on the 26th!
Until then keep the 'em coming! ~ Jessica

Cheri Oggy:

I love the vintage look of your site! Please add me to your giveaway. Thank you.

Roberta Fraser:

I would love that cookbook! I love your blog!

Count me in! What a lovely cookbook!

Hi there
sign me up ~ My mom loves this sort of cookbook ~ We will have fun cooking together !!!
Diana aka Farmer Di


This looks great -- I used to have a box of vintage cookbooks given to me by a wonderful 70 year old woman I knew when I was 14. Unfortunately the box was destroyed during one of my moves. This would bring back a lot of memories.


Please enter me into the drawing.
Thanks so much!!

Oh so glad you extended your deadline! Please enter me into the drawing!

Love your blog,



Please add me to the drawing for the wonderful gift.


Thank you everyone for signing up for the drawing! We will draw the winner tomorrow and I'll post the result 3:00pm (Eastern Time) or sometime after that. Thanks so much for participating and best wishes to you all!
~ Jessica

Julie :

Oh! What a lovely book! How will you be able to part with it? You are obviously a very generous person.

Thanks for offering it!


Me! please!!!!!! The cover of the book is wonderful, so I know the inside will be too!

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