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Winner for Drawing....

Well I am doing this a little earlier than expected since I have to be out today later than I expected. So instead of waiting this evening to announce the winner, I'm going to do it now. =)
My antique horsehair flour sifter did the honors of holding all the names.

Antique Horsehair Sifter

And the name I pulled out of the sifter was.....Patsy a first time visitor to our site.

Antique Horsehair Sifter

Thank you all for participating, I've really enjoyed being a part of Kim's Cottage Giveaway!
Best wishes to you all!

Comments (3)

Congratulations Patsy!

Hi Jessi,
This was a lot of fun, wasn't it.
Very cool antique sifter!

Kimberly :)


Yes it was Kimberly! I know I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one! Only I have some bigger ideas for the next one hehe. =)
I LOVE really old kitchen items. =)
Thanks for visiting!

What a wonderful place you have here. I have been enjoying you're posts and reading about vintage times where I think I may have lived in a "previous life"....or just wish I had lived back then :) Thank you so much for sharing such interesting information. I also cannot wait to try the apple custard pie!

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