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A Chat About Old Cookbooks

Queen of the Household - 1891

Call me a stickler for old cookbooks. I am really surprised I had not starting collecting these domestic books much earlier. Well, at first, I was only reserving myself to collect really old cookbooks dated sometime around 1800 - 1850s. But after finding them usually more expensive than I care to pay, I decided to broaden my horizons. So when I saw this one on ebay I could not resist getting it to add to my collection. None of my cookbooks are museum quality or anything. But I prefer the books to show they have been used. And for the meager ten dollars I paid for it, it is well worth it with over 700 pages of recipes and interesting odds-n-ends. It's much bigger than my Compendium of Cookery and much nicer too. The only odd thing I find is the three cookbooks I have do not have a name written in any of them. The oldest of my cookbooks dated 1824 even has recipes handwritten all over the endpapers. But no names to tell me who wrote all those lovely personal addenda's. I suppose it's because cookbooks were too practical to be sentimental about by writing one's name in it. Who knows.
You could peruse a later edition of The Queen of the Household which is found here: Queen of the Household published in 1901. However, it is quite a bit different from the 1891 edition.

Update: I just ran across this edition from Google Books, which is a lot closer to mine. It even has the same cover.

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